For the love of ballet!

There’s so much ground we’d love to cover as ballet teachers, but often not enough time to fit it all in class: syllabus, technique, performance, choreography, history, theory, industry… 

What if you could bring way more than just technique into class, without disrupting your entire syllabus? 

Cue #30SecondBallets: Beyond The Books!

It's like a ballet brain hack! 

Supercharge your dancers' learning with science-backed strategies, fun activities, and easy-to-include historical context to their syllabus.

Using #30SecondBallets™ and #30SecondBallets: Act Two as a framework, author Stephanie Bergeron discusses a wealth of ideas, strategies, and exercises to bring important history and context into class. 

All as easy as plié, and without the dusty textbook vibes!

You'll also get access to the Beyond The Books Mini-Guide and Worksheets, free!

Video Sneak Peek!

Proudly Presented By

Performer, Arts Educator, and Author

Stephanie Bergeron

Let's développé some strategies...

For the love of ballet!

Screencap of Beyond The Books video seminar

#30SecondBallets™: Beyond The Books is an on-demand video class. Closed captions and full transcript are included!